Black T-Shirt Squad (Mike Quackenbush, Reckless Youth, & Don Montoya) & UltraMantis vs. Mister ZERO & Night Shift (Blind Rage, Hallowicked, & Ichabod Slayne) from June 2002


Allentown, PA

This match is on the Best of 2002 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review.


Recap from TJ Hawke (written 10/25/2012):

Slayne is obviously the masked Icarus.  Mister ZERO gave Night Shift name tags so he could easily identify them.  ZERO thought this match would be a four on three match, but the ring announcer, Bryce Remsburg, then announced that UltraMantis (sans Black) would be teaming with the Squad.  This was the match that revealed Mister ZERO as the person who was in charge of Night Shift (who had been defeating the Black T-Shirt Squad by breaking jack-o-lanterns over the tecnicos’ heads).

The rudos did not have much success in the early goings.  Montoya got a nearfall on Slayne with a spinning heel kick.  The tecnicos used the fans to help lock ZERO in an especially painful abdominal stretch.  Quack then got hotshotted, which allowed the rudos to isolate him and work him over.  The rudos had the advantage on Quack for a good while.  Quack finally avoided a double suplex, and he then tagged in all of his team mates. Everyone was in the ring.  They did a seven person submission spot, which only UltraMantis wasn’t a part of.  UltraMantis couldn’t find a way to join, so he went back to the apron and asked for a tag. I laughed.  Night Shift ended up on the floor, and Youth, Quack, and UltraMantis took them out with stereo tope suicidas.  Montoya hit ZERO with Miracle Ecstasy  1…2…NO!  ZERO came back with a tornado DDT.  UltraMantis hit Rage with the Gibson Driver for a nearfall.  Rage came back with a Michinoku Driver Beta, and Quack had to make the save.  Slayne hit Quack with Diamond Dust: 1…2…NO!  Quack killed Slayne with a Liger Bomb: 1…2…NO! Montoya and Reckless hit Hallowicked with 3-DDT.  Slayne then hit Reckless with a jack-o-lantern to the head: 1…2…3!

This was a really fun match. Of the first three matches on this 2002 set, I think this is the match that would best fit in with today’s (2012) CHIKARA.  There was a great mix of veterans carrying the action, young boys getting opportunities to shine, and most importantly, the match had plenty of fun. I had never seen Hallowicked, Icarus, or UltraMantis at this stage of their careers before, so it’s kind of awesome to see how much they have improved over the years.  Also, I need more Reckless Youth in my life.

Match Rating: ***1/4


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