Hallowicked vs. DJ Skittlez from Young Lions Cup 2002


Allentown, PA

This is a quarterfinal match from the 2002 Young Lions Cup. From Kevin Ford:

This was the first annual CHIKARA Young Lions Cup tournament. Today the tournament states that wrestlers who are 25 years of age or younger could compete in the tournament. At this time, the rules were that participants had to have competed in under 50 matches with no age limit. Sadly, only four matches from the tournament have been released and were on the Best of 2002 DVD. The tournament took place on two nights on back to back weekends.

This match is on the Best of 2002 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review.

Recap from TJ Hawke:

This was a match from the first ever Young Lions Cup. It was quarterfinal match.

DJ hit a tope suicida and a delayed vertical suplex early on. This is my first DJ Skittlez match. Hallowicked made a comeback after avoided a diving lariat. Hallowicked was in control for a while. Hallowicked hit a dive over the top rope. Hallowicked continued to dominate the match after that. DJ finally slowed Wicked down with a spinning reverse flapjack. DJ made a big comeback. He got a nearfall with a reverse DDT. Wicked got a nearfall with a Michinoku Driver. DJ then hit the Viagra Driver for a nearfall. Wicked got a nearfall with a Rydeen Bomb. Skittlez then hit the Rainbow Bomb, but Wicked got his foot on the ropes. Wicked came back with a sunset flip powerbomb, and he got his feet on the ropes for the pin: 1…2…3!

I really liked the finish of this match actually. Normally, non-clean finishes annoy me, but I liked the contrast of Skittlez not winning the match because Hallowicked’s feet were on the ropes with Hallowicked winning because his feet were on the ropes. The match itself was not tremendously interesting. Hallowicked was in control for a long period of time, but he never really got the crowd invested in him as a heel. The crowd didn’t seem to care about Skittlez all that much either. They traded a lot of flat nearfalls before the enjoyable finish, as well. The effort was there, but the final product was found wanting.

Match Rating: **1/4


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