Icarus vs. Shane Storm from Young Lions Cup Night 3 2005


Pittson, PA

This match is on the Best of 2005 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review.

Recap from TJ Hawke:

This was the finals of the 2005 Young Lions Cup tournament. I actually don’t remember who wins this match. I have not seen much of Shane Storm in Chikara. I was underwhelmed by one of his matches with Quack, and I don’t know if I’ve seen much else. I always despised his performances in later years as STIGMA.

The match started out awkward and clunky. Storm hit a tope suicida, but Icarus cut him off shortly thereafter. Icarus was in control for a bit. Storm hit a big headbutt, but Icarus then hit a dropkick. They did ten count spots after each of those spots. They traded forearms. Icarus went for a moonsault, but Storm avoided it. Storm then hit a middle rope moonsault for a good nearfall. A lot of the roster came to ringside to cheer them on. Icarus hit the pedigree, and then incredibly awkwardly locked in The Wings of Icarus. Storm dragged both of them to the floor. They brawled on the floor and in the crowd. Icarus hit a diving tornado DDT off a giant speaker and onto the stage. The crowd really rallied behind Storm. Storm is not smooth in the ring, but he was clearly over here. Back in the ring, Icarus hit a frog splash, but Storm got his foot on the ropes. Storm avoided Sliced Bread and hit a big German. He then hit THAT Japanese Move and the Last Shaven Unicorn: 1…2…3!

This was clearly a HUGE emotional moment in Chikara’s history that did not come off as well without context. Considering how heavily story line based the company is, it’s disappointing that they don’t have someone do a little backstory before each match. While I did not find the in-ring substance to be anything special (or even all that good, especially on Storm’s end), the match itself worked big time and created an incredibly enjoyable atmosphere.

Match Rating: ***1/2


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