The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) vs. Skayde & Milano Collection AT from Son of the International Invasion of the International Invaders 2005


Pittson, PA

This match is on the Best of 2005 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review.

Recap fro TJ Hawke:

Claudio was wearing Hero’s gear for reasons that were not explained. Milano and Skayde were having a ton of success for a while. Milano even simultaneously locked the Kings in figure fours. The Kings recovered and eventually cut off Skayde. They worked him over for a while.  Skayde eventually hit both of them with a double facebuster, and Milano then made a hot tag. Time for some movez. The people love movez. The teams went back and forth. It was quite great. Milano eventually hit Hero with a corkscrew Lionsault and then applied the kimura. Icarus and Gran Akuma then ran in to ruin ALL the things and caused a DQ.

Mike QuackenbishShane Storm, and Reckless Youth made the save. A bunch more guys showed up. The rudos managed to kick everyone else out besides Reckless. They beat the shit out of him. UltraMantis Black and Hallowicked were also helping them. Hero was about to cut a promo, but the disc moved on to the next match.

That finished sucked so hard. I’ll give the match credit for being super entertaining and engaging, but boy did that finish leave a sour taste in my mouth. I would not have put this match on the set given the finish.

Match Rating: ***1/4


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