Team DDT (KUDO & MIKAMI) vs. Team Kaientai Dojo (MIYAWAKI & Yoshiaki Yago) from Tag World Grand Prix 2005




Hellertown, Pennslvania

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Read Kevin Ford’s take for a more informed opinion.

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Story of the Match

Team DDT had a surprising amount of success early on given the size differential. Team Kaientai came back though and got control. KUDO was worked over for a long time.  After the match was really cold for a while, there was one unbelievably hot sequence that seemingly saved the match. Then they kept going and going. MIKAMI hit MIYAWAKI with a senton, and KUDO then hit a double knee splash to finish him off.


The match ended up being a disappointment after a somewhat promising start. It was missing energy until the final minutes when they started busting out some big moves. They worked very hard, but the match just never came together as a cohesive whole. There were some good moments though and one awesome sequence.

Match Rating: **1/2


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