F.I.S.T. (Gran Akuma & Icarus) vs. Men@Work (Mister ZERO & Shane Storm) from Tag World Grand Prix 2006




Hellertown, Pennslvania

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Read Kevin Ford’s take for a more informed opinion.

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Story of the Match

These two teams did not like each other at the time. Storm was eventually cut off and worked over for a while. The tecnicos came back. The teams went back and forth. Icarus gave ZERO a tornado pedigree from the middle rope to the floor. It looked unpleasant for both parties. ZERO was basically taken out of the match with that. Storm survived for a while after that. Storm was eventually finished with a lung-blower/Yoshi Tonic combo.


This match told a good story in an unspectacular manner. The story also would have been more effective in a tighter package. This Hellertown building is not doing much for me. It’s bringing everything from this tournament down so far.

Match Rating: **1/4


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