Team TNA (Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, & Sonjay Dutt) vs. BLK OUT (Ruckus, Sabian, & Joker) from King of Trios 2007


February 17, 2007

Barnesville, Pennsylvania

Read Kevin Ford’s take here.

Buy this match here.

Post by TJ Hawke:

This was a first round match in the 2007 King of Trios.

This was a solid trios match. It went a little long and did not build to the finish all that well, but I was compelled for the great majority of the match. Each team got a chance to control, and then they did a back-and-forth sequence to close it out. Shelley and Dutt wiped out Joker and Sabian with dives, while Sabin finished off Ruckus with a Cradle Shock. Not bad. (**3/4)



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