PAC vs. Ricochet vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Retail Dragon from Rey de Voladores 2007


April 22, 2007

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Read Kevin Ford’s take here.

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Post by TJ Hawke:

This match featured a ton of talent, but it did not live up to its potential. Rey de Voladores matches obviously require some spectacular action, and this one had that to a degree. Unfortunately, the match was structured so that Chuck Taylor dominated the second half of the match in a methodical manner. I like Chuck, and his work as a base for flippers is under-appreciated. I would never have a match like this be dominated by him so much though (especially if he’s not going to do his great flying spots). It’s not all on him though, as Pac seemed to be the only looking to impress in this match. He deserved to go on. Instead, Chuck won the match after he gave Pac the Omega Driver. (Ricochet eliminated Retail Dragon, and Pac eliminated Ricochet). (**3/4)


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