Chris Hero vs. Mike Quackenbush from Anniversario 2007


May 26, 2007

Hellertown, Pennsylvania

Read Kevin Ford’s take here.

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From Kevin Ford:
Chris Hero takes us back on a history lesson with him and Mike Quackenbush. He says Mike has been relentless on getting a singles match for two years, even following him to Germany to try and get it. Hero says that Mike doesn’t deserve it. A vision came to him when he defeated Claudio Castagnoli last month; that he is so much better than Mike that he was willing to grant him a match. He proves his supremacy over Quackenbush and CHIKARA tonight.

Post by TJ Hawke:

In 2011, Mike Quackenbush put on some of my favorite matches of the year with Eddie Kingston and Sara Del Rey. Those matches were largely free of the more trademarked stylized movements that Quack is known for (and good at). That really helped to differentiate those matches and elevate the importance of them. Perhaps it’s a bit unfair, but I cannot help but compare those later performances of his to this one from four years earlier.

Quack vs. Hero was a match that Chikara spent a long time building to, and there was a level of intensity to this match that a lot of Chikara matches do not have. Thus, I wanted to see that brutal side of Quack the whole time in this match. Do not get me wrong, that side of his character was there, and it led to my favorite moments of the match. The goofy side of Quack was sporadically present which was less than ideal given the context.

With that bit of negativity out of the way, this was a good time. Chikara does not do the “big match feel” all that often, but that makes the few times they do them stand out even more. This felt like the two titans of the promotion finally coming face to face after years of build.

Both men went for the victory early and often. After neither man could put each other way with every move in the book during a back-and-forth sequence down the stretch, Quack finally debuted The Chikara Special to force Hero to submit.

I loved the idea of Quack needing to bust out something new to put Hero away.  Between that, the pre-match staredown, the unprotected headbutts, and the commentary, the whole presentation made this match feel like one of the most important matches in Chikara history. I could even be sold on the idea of this being a great match if there was some more nuance in the match (perhaps bigger Chikara fans picked up on things that I missed) and a better crowd. (***1/2)



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