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What is this blog?

This blog will review every match that is released on the official CHIKARA “Best of” DVD series.  Each match will have its own post. The posts are organized chronologically   Where can you get these “Best of” DVDs, you ask? Smart Mark Video of course!

I would never pretend to be a CHIKARA expert. In fact, I’m largely doing these reviews because I have watched very little CHIKARA from before 2009. With that in mind, there are several places you can go for better CHIKARA information and for more informed opinion.  CHIKARA has an official website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Channel, and Forum.  I also highly recommend that you check out Kevin Ford’s CHIKARA Special Blog and his CHIKARA Special Tumblr.  You should also check out all the CHIKARA DVD reviews from PWPonderings.

Why does this blog exist? There are two main reasons. First of all, I thought this blog could serve as a cool “time capsule” for opinions on the very best of CHIKARA. Secondly, the reviews of these “Best of” DVDs will eventually appear in full on  Basically, this gives me a place to slowly collect my review of each “Best of.” Thus, if you really care about reading my reviews of these DVDs but don’t feel like dealing with a blog (that will be updated slowly and erratically), simply click away and wait for them to pop up on over the next year (or more).  If you’re still interested in following this blog, I recommend that you subscribe/follow the blog with your email or follow the blog on Twitter. You can do either of those things with a simple click in the appropriate space in the right hand column.

– TJ Hawke, editor of and writer for  You can contact me via my email ( or my Twitter (@TJHawke411).